Did you know...

In an effort to attract new jobs to Arizona, our legislators have handed out blank checks to corporations and the bill to taxpayers has come due. As a business owner Teri understands the need to strike deals in exchange for local jobs, but there are currently over $12 billion dollars in corporate tax loopholes, the result of poor negotiation and loose oversight. Shoring up only $3 billion of the tax payer funded black holes would lower the state sales tax rate by 1% and fully funded education.


  • The northwest valley was particularly hard hit by the great recession. Our region is dotted with bedroom communities and lacks a robust tax base of commercial industry.
  • Currently, 90% of the residents of Peoria and Surprise drive out of the west valley for work every day, taking their sales and gas tax dollars with them.
  • There is a looming crisis in public school funding and Arizona routinely ranks near the bottom in teacher pay and overall student achievement. For too long the state has broadcast that this is not a welcoming place for teachers.
  • "Us" versus "Them" mentality. Ugly and divisive rhetoric that sets the tone for how our politicians pit themselves against each other instead of collaborating to improve lives.


  • Teri is committed to ensuring the legislature fully funds public education in Arizona.
  • A robust, local education systems will create a competitive, qualified workforce - the backbone of west valley industry.
  • Teri will bring a renewed focus on the west valley as a compelling location for high-tech, financial and medical industries looking local talent, affordable facilities and proximity to transportation corridors.