Health Care

My aunt and uncle enjoyed a loving marriage for many years. Then, they faced a nightmare through no fault of their own. A nightmare that could happen to anyone. My uncle suffered a stroke, and then, they faced his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Due to unsurmountable medical costs, they lost their business, their home, and any savings they had remaining. A lifetime of financial security gone because our country failed to provide them with affordable health care. To make matters worse, they divorced because as a single insurance costs lowered for my uncle. Not only did medical costs tear apart their finances, it tore apart their marriage. Although their love stood the test of time, the government no longer recognized them as husband and wife.

Since then, the Affordable Care Act has passed providing affordable health care for many Americans. I recognize some policy measures should be made to ensure affordability for all and not place undue burdens on small business owners, for example. However, to completely tear down the ACA could cause others to face the same horrors my aunt and uncle faced. Political rhetoric and polarization has robbed the public of common sense policy. Rather than play political volleyball with an important issue such as health care, we should rid ourselves of partisanship and work for the public good. Our lives should not represent political points for elected officials.

The ongoing debate over health care and the resulting policy will greatly affect our health care, our personal finances, and perhaps even our marriages. We have a choice. I do not believe our health should be a partisan debate where politicians attempt to find ways to score points. The stakes remain too high. Rather, common sense must prevail to protect the health and well being of our families. We must compromise to pass public policy that ensures we all have the fundamental right of quality, affordable health care.

  • Ensure everyone receives quality, affordable health care despite what happens at national level
  • Expansion of KidsCARE
  • Protection of AHCCCS
  • Provide financial incentives for greater medical community investment